We recently had 28 windows replaced in our home near Lake Michigan by Window Depot USA of NE Wisconsin. We first talked to two competing window companies and then chose Bob and his crew after looking closely at their windows. I am an engineer and I could see that the Window Depot windows are much higher quality in every way and for much less money than the others. In addition, Bob was willing and able to accommodate our custom antique grid designs in two large windows to fit our 125-year-old house and he was undaunted by a tricky basement window situation and a very high third-level attic window that had to be accessed from outside. Jon made scheduling the install easy and had the team at our house exactly when he said he would. The installation crew of Leonard, Christian and Desmond were first class. They cared about getting everything done just right and did a first-rate job. They were friendly and efficient and we were comfortable with them in our house for the three days it took to install all 28 windows. I could keep going but the bottom line is these are all good people, who do a great job at putting in superior windows for less money than the competition. Having a houseful of these great windows is wonderful. Truly our only regret is that we didn’t have them put in sooner. 

Barry and Barb



The windows look amazing!  And, it is so nice to have windows that work!  Your crew did a fantastic job!They were courteous and professional. We look forward to doing the other windows in the living room in the future….ones that open!
Thank you again!

Jamie and Chase


First, we would like to thank Bob for not being a high pressured salesman. It was nice to be able to get an estimate and not be pressured into signing on the dotted line instantly. It was also nice that he didn’t over stay his welcome. Second, the install crew we had was awesome as well. They were polite, they came in, got the job done and cleaned up after themselves. And they had a sense of humor. We enjoyed their day with us. Lastly, a follow up call from Bob to see how the install went. We like that we can now leave our curtains open with these windows. The light comes in and the heat stays out. Can’t wait to see what they do in the winter months. For Bob and the install crew we had: HOORAY, pat yourselves on the back. The experience we had in all categories: sales, quality of window for a fair price, install and customer service are A+ in our book. Definitely a recommendation to anyone looking for window replacement.

Dan & Rose
De Pere


Bob, you and the rest of the staff at Window Depot USA of Green Bay are top notch, world class people. Everything from sales to delivery to installation was one of the best, if not the best, experience for any home improvements I have had performed. Professionalism and experience certainly plays an important role and it shows with this company. You provided me with a great product at an affordable price and stand by the products with pride. I highly recommend you for any window replacement needs. Thanks for a job well done!!

Shawano, WI


I just want to tell you that you guys did an excellent job on our windows!
These windows are the best I’ve seen including the windows that we had
in the newer home that we moved from.
And we got triple pane for way less than everyone else wanted for double pane!
Now it’s time to have you change our patio doors too.

Don and Kathy
Green Bay, WI


I just love how beautiful our new windows look and
our home is so much more comfortable and warm this winter too!
The installers were very polite and professional and did a wonderful
job! Thanks so much!

Jackie and David
Star Lake, WI


We want to commend you and your wonderful installers on a stellar job! The windows you sold to us are of superior quality and your installers were just fantastic. We are so happy that we decided to move forward with replacing our windows and choose your company. We can’t say enough good things about the whole process. We highly recommend your company!

Mike & Bonnie
Mountain, WI


Hi Bob:

I just want to let you know how happy I am with my new windows.   Your installers did an awesome job!  They were in an out in no time!

I couldn’t believe they did 13 windows in 4 hours.  Amazing.

Everything was cleaned up and hauled away!

Very impressed with the whole process from when you came out and did my estimate to the quick delivery and the fast install.

I hope the savings will be as good this winter!!

Thanks again!  A very happy customer!!



We were very impressed with you from the way you handled everything. From the very beginning to the courtesy phone call upon receiving checks and calls ahead of time to set up the install of our windows and patio door.Please tell your install team that we were very impressed with their work. They were very friendly, neat, and I liked the way they put down protective sheets over the carpet all the way from the door to where they were installing the windows. They really worked as a team and did a fantastic job putting the windows and patio door in and cleaning up. Thank you all again.

Pete & Lynell


Dear Bob,
We love our new windows.  They look very appealing both inside and outside.  We appreciate the discount you gave us.


Green Bay


We are really happy with our windows and are very pleased with the work that your installers performed.

Vern & Dee


Hello Bob,
The guys finished up the project yesterday and what a great job they all did. We were so pleased with the choice of wrapping you suggested on the outside with the light and dark to contrast- it really brought out the brick front. also extra thank you to my “curtain specialist” who helped reinstall our blinds over the stairwell window. Our neighbors have given us many compliments. You are all awesome!

With much gratitude,
Craig & Kaye


Just wanted to let you know I love our new windows. They are so beautiful, bring the outside in, make the rooms look so refreshed and so easy to clean. Compared to the “crank out” we had, these double hung windows are amazing. Tom and his partner were very professional as they installed the windows and I was delighted they took the old windows and cleaned up after the new windows were in, they even vacuumed. I am very excited the windows are installed and just love them. The price can’t be beat Also, just want to say you and Tom were very easy to work with as you listened to what I wanted and you delivered.

Thank you so much.
Stevens Point


Dear Bob,
We just wanted to let you know how the install went Thursday. All 11 windows were installed and everything was all cleaned up within 8 hours. The crew was very polite and knowledgeable.The windows look great and seem to be blocking out the heat from the sun already! We look forward to not ever having to put plastic on the windows in the winter again.We will recommend you to our friends!

Mike & Jean
Wisconsin Rapids


Dear Bob & Associates:

I love my new windows and patio door!

Your installers arrived promptly at 8 a.m., greeting me with handshakes and introductions. They immediately laid down protective canvas where they were walking and working. Although I tried not to look too obvious in my observations, these installers possessed a positive attitude of getting the job done, to MY SATISFACTION. They demonstrated a respect for my inside belongings and thoroughly cleaned up with the completed installation.

When the installers left and I sat down to just reflect on the day, it hit me like a ton of rocks; so QUIET! Even with the outside wind and vehicles passing by, the quiet inside was incredibly noticeable.

Would I recommend Window Depot NE-WI, you bet your life I would; Great Quality and Installation!



We would like to thank you all for the wonderful windows and patio door, and the great job of installing everything.We were so surprised how quiet it is now. The next day a truck and trailer pulled into the lot next to us and we never knew they were there. WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!We turn on our central-air and it takes several hours before it turns on again instead of 5 to 15 minutes.We sure wish we would have had these windows and patio door installed before last winter and saved ourselves a lot of money on heating bills.

Thank you all again for a GREAT JOB!


Harv & Judy


Hi Bob,
We’d like to let you know how much we love our new windows, and say that the installation by Tom and his son was absolutely phenomenal. Their work was skillful with attention to the details and performed in a quality manner. We were impressed with the efficiency and pace at which Tom and his son installed and completely finished all our windows. Although the weather the day of our installation had energy draining temperatures, the two guys continued swiftly along, making it look easy. As you promised, the noise level inside our home is nicely reduced with the new windows. Not only do they look so nice from the outside and add to the curb appeal, but they’re gorgeous inside. These windows are so easy to open and clean, that before the guys left on installation day I already had them Windexed!

Thanks again,
Sue & Mike


When I got home from work and saw how nice the windows were when they were in the house, my jaw dropped!

The installers did an awesome job and cleaned up everything so well.

And to think that I got triple pane windows for less than what the others charge for double pane!

Thanks so much!

Green Bay


We are very happy with our windows! We really like the quality. The installers were a great team and worked so fast and efficient. They did such a great job of cleaning up. I would recommend your company to anyone and we will be calling to get the remainder done. Thanks again!

Gary and Marian



My windows are lovely!

Your guys did a really great job.

They cleaned up everything and everything went as smooth as clock work.

I’m really pleased and would recommend your company to anyone who is looking for windows.



I love the windows! The installers were very professional and polite and they did a great job! I’m sure that you will be getting a lot more jobs off of ours. In fact, someone has already inquired and I gave them your information. I’m sure that you will be hearing from them!



I love these windows! The crew was outstanding! You are very lucky to have them. I am more than satisfied with how everything was handled and I am very impressed with your company. I would recommend you to anyone.



We love the windows. The installers did an EXCELLENT job! They cleaned up so well, that you would not have known that they were even there.



Love my windows! I had them put in at the end of the summer. We had a super cold winter and my new windows made a big difference.

I’m really happy with the service and I love the way the windows were put in so professionally.

I would recommend you to anyone who’s interested in having new windows.

Oconto Falls


Bob, just a note to let you know we are very happy with our new windows. They are so easy to open and close and being able to TILT them in makes it almost fun to wash windows again, and as you know we had plenty of old windows to struggle in and out. Tom and Blaine did a wonderful job of installing them and explaining how to work again. Any mess that was made during installation was completely gone. All in all, everything looks great and I am sure we will notice the difference this winter.

Thanks again



Bob, just want you to know how pleased we are with the window installation done by Tom, Al and Blain…nice, nice bunch of workers; worked hard, aimed to please, and knew what they were doing. We’ll be happy to give you a reference as the situation may arise and feel free to use us a satisfied customer reference. We are especially enthused about the large kitchen window – what a change – just gives a huge view to the beautiful surroundings. This involved quite a bit of work for your crew, but I’m so appreciative that you offered it as an option.

THANKS, so happy to have this job done!

Judy and Bruce


Thanks for the good job. The new windows look great! Your installers were polite and everything was neat and clean when they were finished.

Bill & Deb


Hi Bob,
Just wanted you to know how pleased Judy and I are with our new windows. Your installation crew headed up by Thomas, Blain and Eddie were very professional from the word go. They arrived a minute before 9AM and went to work right away. They knew exactly what they needed to do so you could tell right away that they had been doing this for quiet a while. They cleaned up each area as they moved from window to window. Once again very satisfied with Window Depot USA of Northeast. WI. and would highly recommend them. I feel comfortable that if I have any issues in the future Window Depot NE-WI. will be there for me. I also look forward to telling family, friends, and neighbors of our experience and would recommend NE-WI. for their window and door needs. Thanks Again.

Jim & Judy


Well Bob
Just wanted to say the crew you have are professional, fantastic, friendly and answered any question I had. When they left you didn’t know they were here. Except for the windows. These windows seal great and the triple pane has made it so quiet. Thanks for being a good company.

Wisconsin Rapids